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At Wedding Photography Select, we don’t just want to show you the best images from the best wedding photographers around the world. We want to tell you a little story behind them as well. The idea, the execution, the result. As this section grows, we want to give you an in depth description of each of the shots taken by some of the very best wedding photographers. We hope it proves to be inspiring and insightful.


The Idea, The Execution, The Shot.

My name is Joseph Chien. I am a Taiwan based photographer and I’ve been a wedding photographer for more than 5yrs. I love to capture the spontaneity, joy, emotion and ambiance to make couple’s day to be more memorable.

The wedding was held at a beautiful garden with a fountain in Taichung city. I noticed the fountain creating a shiny splash under the sun light so I decided to take this shot. I asked the young couple to hold their hands and stand near the fountain opposite me. In order to enhance the shiny bokeh, I put a strobe with transmitter about 10ft. behind the young couple. The corresponding position is :

Strobe/ Young Couple/ Fountain/ Photographer.

The strobe did enhanced the shiny splash so I got so lots of bokeh in this photo.

It is hard for the camera to focus on the yang couple’s hands because there is to much water splashing and the brightness was much higher than their hands. Manual focus would be more effective.

I shot this photo with a Canon 1Dx, 24-70mm F2.8 ( 70mm, F2.8, 1/200 sec, ISO200 )

There is not much post processing on this photo. I just pull down the highlight and PS out the tripod which was used to hold the strobe.

This is one of my favorite shots and the couple set this photo as their FB banner so I believe they love this image as well.

Wedding Photographer Joseph Chien, Taipei City, Taiwan



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